40mm Training Round


Spectrum Plastics Group has produced over 12 million 40mm M212 injection molded cartidge cases out of a specially developed and tested engineered resin since 1999.  The material, a high impact polyamide, was specifically developed for this application, a chemistry that was altered to optimize moldability, process repeatability, and has been tested to withstand the rigors of soldier training. 

The metal-to-plastic conversion for the 40mm M212 case resulted in an improvement in cost, part weight, and damage due to mishandling, being more resistant than their aluminum predecessors to galling and denting.   

The M212 cases are used on the M781 training round, fitting the M203 and M79 40mm grenade launchers.  These training rounds are an integral step in the soldiers ability to fire the live M433 live velocity HEDP rounds.  The plastic cases are designed to hold a .38 caliber primer, which allows for the inert projectile to be vaulted from the grenade launcher.  These cases are ideal for low velocity training rounds.

Spectrum Plastics Group Offers:                                                                

  • Lot quantities available from 1,000 to 100,000+ monthly
  • Tiered pricing based on order quantity
  • Custom Windshields available
  • Stocking programs available
  • Additional metal-to-plastic conversion support on site


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