Our Core Values

Our Core Focus
Applying customer-centric leadership

At Spectrum, we excel at quickly turning engineering concepts into high-quality products.

That means we can usually generate a quote in less than a half-hour and production-ready parts in eight weeks or less. Most importantly, it means we listen to your needs, and we thoroughly understand your world and its demands; your aspirations to take a concept from idea to iteration in highest-quality form.

Foundationally, it means we deliver to you the following Four Core Values of Spectrum in everything we think, say and do.

Taking ownership

We consistently say what we’ll do, and do what we say.  And we take personal ownership of the results.

Customer Focused
Whatever it takes

We seek to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, and put their needs foremost.  We bring our expertise to create solutions, and are always flexible, professional, and attentive.  We put the customer first, in every decision.


Process Driven
Defining new methods, challenging the old

We follow established, repeatable procedures and methods, share them with others, and improve on them whenever possible.  We make data-based decisions, always looking for a better way, and are eager to work together to explore new possibilities for improvement.  We take our procedures very seriously.


Can-do Attitude
Yes we can

We love to take on more and try new challenges.  Even if we're not sure how, we know we'll find a way to figure it out.  We're confident and resourceful, not afraid to step outside our comfort zone, we're here to get a job done, and do what it takes to help the team.