Defense Applications


Engineered Solutions from a True Market Leader

The programs we support for our Nation's Defense contractors are as diverse as the men and women who serve our Nation.  Programs include:

  • Hellfire Missile
  • Laser Guided Explosives
  • Laser Guided Training Rounds
  • Javelin Missile
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Fuses (FMU 139, FMU 132, Excalibur, SDB, GMLRS)
  • Medium Caliber Amunition
  • 40mm Grenades and Less-Than-Lethal
  • Tank Ammunition
  • F22 Serpentine Ammunition Belt
  • Ruggedized Computers

Our military is armed with the best components and munitions available, supplied to them by the world's leading manufacturers, and those manufacturers count on Spectrum Plastics Group to deliver on time, and to the superior level of standards our Nation deserves.