Making Your Life Easier


Spectrum Plastics Group can help you reduce your supplier base and your costs.  By consolidating more of your bill of materials, we're able to help manage your inventory and vendors for you, allowing you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business.  

Examples include painting, sterilization management, plating, and machined or stamped components for insert molding.  We can acquire and manage all your custom packaging, inserts and instructions. 

For some key Customers, we have set up VMI (vendor managed inventory) with local warehouses, near their locations.  This is a global tool, to support Customers with multi-site global locations.  There are multiple benefits to VMI's for larger programs:

  • Pull from inventory as needed, and have available inventory on hand to satisfy a spike in demand. 
  • Reduced shipping charges- larger shipments from Spectrum Plastics Group to the VMI are spread out over larger time periods, as opposed to more frequent smaller shipments to the end Customer.  
  • Improved cash flow- since the Customer isn't invoiced until they pull from the managed inventory, they can keep a certain amount of stock nearby their plant without the stock hitting their books. 
  • Improved project management and quality support- we train our VMI's to be knowledgeable in your parts, so while warehousing your inventory they also operate as an extension of our team, providing inspection services as well as working with us on product support.

Multiple solutions exist for improved supply chain management, let us know what your needs and challenges are!