Products made to Deliver


By listening to our customers, we have continued to add the ability to not only “manufacture” their parts, components, and sub-assemblies, but to also complete the “device” by being able to do the complete medical grade packaging these types of products require.   Spectrum Plastics Group has expertise to package your product to the stringent specifications of FDA/OEM's with the understanding of its critical importance.  

From nitrogen-purged foil pouches to Tyvek®-sealed rigid thermoformed trays, or other packaging requirements as identified, Spectrum Plastics Group can meet your packaging requirements and deliver a packaged product.  We deliver your product ready for the next stage of distribution, or deliver to sterilization, if needed. 

Packaging options:

  • Pouches
  • Trays
  • Lids
  • Nitrogen-purged foil pouches
  • Label printing

We also have strong relationships with “contract packagers only” for projects not molded in-house, or programs that include components that fall beyond our scope, so that we can support your needs completely when your delivery device needs to be “kitted” with our molded implant or device.  Again our focus is on ensuring we can help you in whatever means you need, and delivering the quality package your programs deserve.