Ideal Conditions Yield The Highest Quality Components


With over 2,000 square feet of ISO Class 7 and Class 8 cleanrooms, Spectrum Plastics Group is well poised to fulfill your injection molding needs of any and all materials within these environments. Spectrum also has a very aggressive cleanroom expansion plan underway to continue our growth as a preferred molding and contract manufacturer for large and smaller OEM’s as well as start up and early stage development organizations.

Our expertise lies in our capability to execute our MAPS (mold, assemble, package, sterilization management) model, or any part of it required.  We are a contract manufacturer with true product development expertise.

With injection molding equipment ranging from 12 to 200 tons within these clean rooms, Spectrum can fulfill your molding needs for molded components, including insert and over-molded components, or device sub assembly including complete device assembly, decoration, and packaging.

Spectrum Plastics Group’s longstanding experience in molding everything from implantable components, delivery devices, surgical instruments, minimally invasive devices for advanced procedures, port access systems and much more makes us an ideal solution for your medical molding and product development partner.

Understanding your marketplace needs based on over 50+ years of medical molding, we can support you with whatever volume your program requires. With our current validated equipment we are able to support your low to mid volume programs.  For your projects that require high or ultra high volumes and dedicated manufacturing cells, we can develop and implement those as well. We will work with you to optimize your product for manufacturability, reliability, safety, regulatory compliance and competitiveness regardless of whether it is a Class II, IIb or III Medical Device, working from your original prototype concept to whatever volume production you require.