What Spectrum Plastics Group is All About

Our Mission

Building a growing, profitable, and sustainable business. This is a fundamental priority for us, as it defines how we do business.

First and foremost, note the fact that we’re building. We’re not maintaining, we’re not preserving, we are growing. It's a challenging yet exciting time to be a part of Spectrum Plastics Group.

Being profitable means we are able to create jobs, provide benefits to our employees, and possess the means to innovate, thereby improving capabilities and working conditions while investing in new technologies. Our customers want us to be around year after year and placing programs at Spectrum Plastics Group is an investment in their future as well as ours.  Our customers enjoy the confidence in knowing that we will continue to grow with them and provide them with new services in the future.

Sustainable means our focus is building a business that will last. That means investing in new technologies that will allow us to be competitive in the future, and it means having the flexibility to change directions when our customers and market conditions demand it. Spectrum Plastics Group is here for the long term.

Our Core Focus

Quickly turning engineering concepts into high quality products.

Quickly: Quickly means different things to different customers; for example, for the production customer it may mean a tool qualification in 10 weeks. The reality is the distinction between customers doesn’t matter- what does matter is that we find out what the expectation is, and then we meet or exceed that expectation. And furthermore, we act with a sense of urgency at all times.

Engineering Concepts: These may refer to a drawing, a CAD file, or an idea; the true definition resides with you -- the customer -- and your needs. Some use us as a “one stop shop” from design all the way through production, while others only need a small part of that service offering. Either way, Spectrum Plastics Group is an extension of your design and engineering team, taking your engineering concept to the next level.

High Quality: High quality is quantified on different levels by everyone, much like an engineering concept. In our production world, meeting print tolerances is a given, as are high CPK’s and low COPQ’s. It’s the “value add” benefits that help set us apart, and our reputation for high quality in the industry is the reason many of our customers are so loyal to us.

Products: It’s not necessarily plastic that goes out the shipping door:  it could be rubber, silicone, urethane, or metal. But at the end of the day, what matters are your products.

Quickly turning engineering concepts into high quality products means something different to everyone, but by applying this focus to every situation we encounter Spectrum Plastics Group is able to consistently meet our customers' needs.