Prototype Tooling

When you need parts fast.

Your project is off to a fast start.  It looks great on the CAD screen and your organization is excited.  You’re now at the stage where you need more than parts with “some form,” “some fit,” and “a little function.”   You need to get your hands on parts that use the same material that you intend to use down the road but you need these parts fast.  Marketing wants to see them.  Operations wants to evaluate them.  Everyone wants them for that show in two weeks.  Spectrum Plastics Group can help.

For years Spectrum has been a leader in rapid prototype tooling.  With our in house prototype tooling and prototype molding, we can construct a solution to meet your unique needs.  How many parts do you need now?  Later?  What materials do you want to look at and are they high heat or low heat?  Are these marketing samples, fully functional samples or both?  The questions we ask are what differentiate us from our competition.  We’ll tailor a solution that provides you with a tool for future iterations as well as parts in hand – fast!

Once your tool is ready, a press is waiting.  Spectrum’s prototype tools are directed to a series of presses that support prototyping, not production.  We’ll have parts available immediately after that tool is complete.

And the tooling belongs to you.  It’s yours!  If you want to make changes, you can (as long as the tool design allows for such).  You don’t have to start over with a completely new tool.

You can select from materials we have in stock or we can help you specify resins that are custom (while keeping an eye on lead times).  We can even run resins that you might have in stock.  Our solutions are custom and unique based on your needs.
As your program progresses to the validation and production phases, the details we learn about your components at the prototype stage allow us to help you design the best possible production solutions. This is a subtle, yet invaluable point because the knowledge gained about the critical features and required tolerances will influence how we propose bridge or production manufacturing solutions, to give you the lowest risk and most efficient and economical options moving forward.   Spectrum Plastics Group understands that speed to market is important and this collaborative approach helps customers avoid surprises while shortening the product development lifecycle.

The entire process backs up our mission statement:

Quickly turning engineering concepts into high quality products.

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