Flexible Medical Packaging

The Spectrum Plastics Group is a major extruder of conventional and advanced flexible medical packaging.  From commodity bags to specialty sterile packaging. Our flexible medical packaging offerings include liner bags, wicketed bags, converted bags, converted pouches, single and multi layer films.

Bottom Forming Web

Spectrum Plastics Group offers monolayer and coextruded films that are tailored to form, fill, seals machines for cost effective solutions to improve cycle times while meeting all physical requirements.

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Converted Pouches & Bags

Our converted pouch and bag offerings are puncture resistant and are specialized to suit your sterilization and material requirements. With a wide range of applications in pharmaceuticals and medical device we customize flexible packaging solutions to meet your needs.

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Monolayer & Coextruded Films

Spectrum Plastics Group offers an array of singlelayer and coextruded films for bags, liners and peelable applications.

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Commodity Poly Bags

Spectrum Plastics Group offers a wide array of commodity poly bags

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Comprehensive Tubing Solutions

The Spectrum Plastics Group offers comprehensive tubing solutions for your medical device needs. 

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